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Conversation with the heroine…

of The Widowmaker

Lydia: He can’t talk to me like that.

Me: Oh, don’t go trying that maidenly miss thing with me. I know your deep, dark secret, remember? So don’t expect me to believe that you’d be all up on your high horse because he said :censor:.

Lydia: No, he can’t talk to me like that because they don’t use that word here in 1879.

Jack: So what am I supposed to say? Come and touch the proof … Read More »

Speaking of TSTL…

If you’re going to plagiarize somebody’s book—with merely a find & replace name change—should you:

A) At least change the title?

B) Not also copy and paste the actual publisher’s blurb?

C) At least not use N*Sync? C’mooooooon.

Blatant theft found here (I don’t know how long the link will work. The whole shebang will no doubt be yanked soon.) UPDATE: THE PURLOINED STORIES APPEAR TO HAVE BEEN REMOVED.

She’s being most delightfully shredded.

UPDATE: One of the authors plagiarized, … Read More »

The 24 clock is ticking in my head

6 days until Twice Upon A Roadtrip releases! I’m all a’jitter and can’t seem to sit still.

This is not necessarily a bad thing. We have a gas fireplace-stove-thingy in my office which “takes the edge off” the downstairs and, due to its high-effiency, complements our boiler quite well. Unfortunately, massive summer-grown piles of books, papers, folders and more piled around said gas fireplace is considered a safety no-no. Since we’re hovering right around the frost mark in the mornings, … Read More »

EC Day & Passive voice

It’s release day at EC, and my fabulous friend Mel is on the home page twice!

In the anthology Ellora’s Cavemen: Legendary Tails III (which is available in e-format and print):

The Last Bite By Melani Blazer

Once the hunter…

Laura hasn’t seen her partner in six years—when an easy bounty capture went horribly wrong. She’s back with a secret that threatens the man she once loved, who still sets her blood on fire with little more than a … Read More »

My RWR came in the mail…

…which is good because we’re going camping Columbus Day weekend and we always need paper for starting the campfire. But anyway…

All the RITA and Golden Heart info is in there. That’ll be the first section to be set on fire. *g* Even disregarding the entire hostility-toward-erotic-romance thing, Twice Upon A Roadtrip is ineligible for either contest.

Ineligibility for the GH is pretty obvious. But it’s not eligible for the RITAs because of the dates. Five copies of a print … Read More »

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