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Wiggle-worthy UBS loot

My local UBS seems to be run by blue-hairs, but I went to the UBS in the “Big City” this morning. *wiggle*

Merry Christmas, Baby—Brava anthology that I bought, lent out before I’d read it, and never got back.

A Date With the Other Side by Erin McCarthy—I felt badly about buying this one used but I’ve got trade tastes with a mass market budget, you know?

Menage by Emma Holly—We’ll see.

And now for the wiggling…

The Admiral’s Read More »

Coming semi-unplugged

Ugh. That’s like twice this week my site’s disappeared on me. That makes me less than happy. As does the radio-controlled Jeff Gordon go-cart that’s bounced off my ankle bone at least three times already this morning.

I’m not finding a great deal of good RWA gossip around the blogosphere, but the stuff I have found leads me to believe the internet service at the hotel is not good. So I’ll have to wait. *sigh* I am going to buy … Read More »

Starring Mapquest as the turnip

It’s one of the most melodramatic and enduring moments in film history: Scarlett O’Hara, waving a dirty turnip toward the dramatically-painted sky, shouting “As Gawd is maaah witness, I’ll nevah go hungry again!”

Yeah, well. As y’all is maaah witness, I will nevah write a roadtrip romance again. Timelines suck. Mine especially.

There are papers scattered all over my house with mileages and state speed limits and times jotted down. There’s one in here somewhere (possibly on a pink post-it … Read More »

Left behind

By choice, though, I must say. I’m pretty shy with a very highly-developed inferiority complex and big-ass conferences like that are probably not my cup of tea. The only thing that makes me want to cry in my Wheaties is knowing that some of my friends will be there, hanging out, and I won’t be there. It would be nice to actually get to speak to Rae and Jaci and other friends in person someday.

Alison’s going to be doing … Read More »


The Smart Bitches have a link to an interesting discussion going on over at AAR.

Can I check it out? No.

I’ve been AAR-less since getting my high-speed cable modem, which was…2 years ago, maybe? I can occasionally go in through the back door—from a cached, Googled page, but it’s rare. And it’ll let me read a few threads, then BAM!

The problem is that I lose my Internet connection. It bogs down and comes to a halt while loading … Read More »

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