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Censoring guests

Wendy asks the question (not of me, but on her blog):

1. Do you, as a blog owner, have the right to tell people they cannot use certain language on your site? If so, do you therefore have the right to tell people they must use other language? Oh, and where the fuck to you get off trying to police the world?

Yes, I do. No, I don’t. Because I :censor: said so.

No, but seriously…I do think the owner of a blog can dictate that certain language not be used or the offender will be deleted. Well, her post will anyway. Deleting the offender’s pretty drastic. But no editing the post. For some reason, to me, editing somebody’s words is more offensive than deleting them. The guest then has the right to make herself comfy or hit the road.

I don’t, pretty obviously, have the right to tell my guests they must use certain language. “If you don’t use at least 3 of the RWA-forbidden words, you can’t post here.” (It would be kinda fun to go in and add them after, though, wouldn’t it? But I wouldn’t.)

Now, I’m a pottymouth, but I have my favorite little :censor: smilie friend. I used him well before RWA started their censorship campaign, and I’ll continue to use him. Why? Because I have friends and visitors with different sensibilities than I have. Does it make a big difference if the word is spelled out or the :censor: guy is there? Not really. It’s still there. But he’s kind of funny, and a compromise I can live with.

Do I censor my comments? No. You’ll find a variety of spicy words in there, and that’s fine. I was told, in an email, that if I found that person’s post to be too inflammatory or whatever, I was free to delete it. Nope. While I’m loathe to admit this with some of the smartasses I know are reading, you can pretty much post anything (except spam) in my comments and I won’t delete you. I do reserve the right to tell you to :censor: :censor: :censor:, though. You might not want to eat the chocolates I send you all in one sitting, but I won’t delete your post because I don’t like what you said.

(And make sure you go read Wendy’s entry, because that snippet was actually part of a larger point, but I nipped some of it for my own nefarious purposes. )

2 comments to “Censoring guests”

  1. Charlene T
      · June 8th, 2005 at 12:43 pm · Link

    I keep my blog pretty clean, too, but I started writing a blog about two Lora Leigh stories this morning and had an urge to report how many times Forbidden Words were used! Oh, and the cover; definately a violation of the no hands covering bare boobs ruling! :cheesy:

    I’m suddenly wildly attracted to graphical standards violations. There are so many words I’ve failed to use myself. And have you noticed how the offending words rhyme? I want to write a poem that uses them all! Although there are probably better uses for my creative energies.

  2. Sasha
      · June 8th, 2005 at 5:14 pm · Link


    This is smy fave smiley…but I’ve been in such good spirits I haven’t had to use it. :)

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