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Another freakin meme

Kate tagged me for this meme, in which I apparently have to say WHY I have the links I have. Hello? Have you seen that list? ——>

So I’m cheating. If you don’t like it, then please, for the love of god, don’t tag me anymore. Just kidding. :neener:

The Blogs I Read category: Those are all there because they are the blogs I read. Some several times a day, some daily, some every couple of days. But I read them all.


* All About Romance—I can’t access it without losing my connection, but I’d like to. So it’s there. At least you guys can read it.
* Deborah Hale—She’s a fabulous writer and a wonderful woman and I’m so proud to know her. She’s made a great difference in my writing life and there will always be a link to her on my site.
* Drudge Report—my fave news source
* eHarlequin—Gotta love it
* Ellora’s Cave—My publisher
* Jaci Burton—A close friend and fellow EC author
* Madalyn Reese—A close friend and SIM author
* Melani Blazer—A close friend and fellow EC author
* Mrs. Giggles-site—Needs no explanation
* Preditors + Editors—Gotta watch what’s going on, right?
* Romance Junkies—They rock, even if I’m just a perpetual lurker
* Romancing The Blog—The center of the Blogosphere
* WordPress—kickass blogging platform

Message boards

* Brava Authors—listed as a shortcut for me
* CataRomance—ditto
* eCataRomance—ditto
* Lori Foster—Having the link here makes it faster and easier for me to hang on KD’s every word.
* My message board!—I dust it once a week in preparation for someday actually using it.
* Sensual Romance—Just a shortcut for me, as a perpetual lurker
* Sylvia Day’s MB—It’s Sylvia’s MB—go check it out!


* Conversations About Famous People—I love snark about celebrities. I laugh my ass off.
*—Good gossip
* Formula 1—a short cut for me, the Formula 1 fan
* Manager Guy—best shredding of query letters to be found anywhere
* NHOHVA—Umm…the New Hampshire Off-Highway Vehicle Association—ATV stuff
* Pogo—Oh gee. I don’t know why this link is here. I never go there. Not me. That would be…MEL!
* Snarkywood—The queens of Hollywood snark, hands down.
*—I like to check it out every few days and see what moronic hoaxes are floating around now.
* TerraServer—cool aerial shots. You can kinda see my house.
* The Smoking Gun—More gossipy stuff, mostly about morons.
* TWoP—Good show recaps, but not of the shows I want recaps for
*—Did have cool, bizarre ebay auctions, but the link might be dead. I should check.

And now I’m aggravated because listing the reasons they’re there makes me think of links that should be there, but aren’t. And now I’m going to need an entire page just for my damn links.

Who am I tagging? Nobody. I don’t forward chain letters, either. Even the hot angel guy one. But go ahead and do it anyway, if you haven’t. :)

3 comments to “Another freakin meme”

  1. Màili
      · June 8th, 2005 at 6:09 am · Link

    I knew Matt of The Drudge Report from those days of hanging out in a newsgroup during those days when the usenet was *the* Internet. Then one day he simply stopped posting and started spamming newsgroups — er, distributing those newsletters. He was regularly flamed for that but he was a dog with a bone, kept sending his weekly newsletter, which was usually full of BS. He was a huge fan of Hunter S. Thompson, so his newsletters were very much in HST style. He also used to flame anyone who dared to criticise HST.

    Fast forward a couple of years, I was thoroughly shocked when I heard Matt’s name on News at 10 [British news programme] in a story about Monica and Clinton. I mean, WTF? This isn’t right! He was a very obnoxious spammer and he gets the reward for that?! It took me a while to take the news story seriously, simply because of its association with his name.

    To be honest, even now, I find it hard to take him seriously. :)

  2. AngieW
      · June 8th, 2005 at 8:06 am · Link

    I was just wondering yesterday if you actually read all those blogs!

  3. Shannon
      · June 8th, 2005 at 10:20 am · Link

    I don’t take him to horribly seriously myself, but he’s always got an overview, all on one page, of news bits I find interesting.

    And I do read them all. Not all at one time, but over the course of several days I’ll loop through them all.

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