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More EOM search phrases

Let’s see how people ended up here in June. (And I’m not listing the considerable mentions of that annoying children’s show.)

morgan hawke blog — Link’s over there –

little house on the prairie fanfiction — OMG. Please no. Please let me go to my grave without being subjected to Albert and Willie in the haystack.

batman wonder woman fanfiction — I see her as a Boy Wonder plunderer, actually.

ellora’s cave rwa discrimination — You won’t have to look … Read More »

Pondering RWA

I’m crawling my way out of the writing and editing pit to see what’s going on in the rest of the world. Mad cow disease scare in Texas, apparently. (I can hear the eleven o’clock news from here.)

So this whole RWA thing—I’m back at the hmmmmmm stage again. I know. I’ve got more than my big toe in the Boring Pool with this subject. But I don’t know anything about mad cow disease and that’s our other option here.… Read More »

Blogger-ites and edits

What do they have to do with one another? Nothing. But the tall kid is breathing down my neck for his computer time, so I’m rolling everything up into a ball.

Why do some blogspot blogs allow you input your name and url, and some don’t? When I comment on the “old” style ones, it uses my blogger info automatically, which annoys me because I’m trying to get my old blogspot blog to fall off the Google map. Is it … Read More »


I cannot string more than several related sentences together right now. Between driving myself nuts with humming, banging out pages, and our third day of 100+ degrees with no end ’til at least Thursday, my brain cells is fried like eggs on a July sidewalk. See? I can’t even move past cliches.

I finally got Isabel Sharpe’s Thrill Me, which is the second book set in the Hush Hotel. Why did it take me so long to get … Read More »

Conversation with hero

Jack: Stop! Stop typing, dammit.

Me: What’s the matter now?

Jack: I am not Anakin Skywalker. I don’t look like him, I don’t sound like him, and I’ve certainly never been called Anni. You need to get over this teenage fan-girl obsession you have for him.

Me: But those petulant, smoldering looks…why can’t you do that?

Jack: Lady, I’ve given Beth so many smoldering looks her hair’s on fire. You just haven’t noticed.

Me: Could you maybe channel a little … Read More »

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