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EOM Search Phrases

How did people end up here?

famous people by the name of shannon—Not yet, but thanks for the optimism

darth vader tune—My sons hum it everytime I walk in the room.

backyardigans porn—You have got to be :censor: kidding me. Both of these have shown up every month, but somebody googled them together? You sick bastard.

shannon ass—Stop googling my ass, dammit.

electrical fetish men—My husband’s an electrician. A master electrician. Ooooh, beat me with … Read More »

Oh, my achin' laundry

We’re back! And you wouldn’t believe the mounds of muddy laundry I’ve got stalking me.

I stuck a few camping pics here and two of them should give you an idea of what the family’s jeans look like.

It’s going to take me almost as long to do laundry as it will for my to catch up with the cyberworld. But it’s nice to be home!… Read More »

A'camping we will go

We’re off to 3 1/2 days of rain, cold and mud in the Great North Woods! The ATVs are loaded (too bad the popup’s not—oops) and we’re outta here soon.

The short kid’s got his gear:

Liam with helmet

See you Monday! Or maybe Tuesday if I get buried under wet, muddy camping debris.… Read More »

Menage a…deux?

Oh, the woes of being vanilla.

I write erotic romance, and in the world of erotic romance, menage a trois and menage a more are HOT! Whether it’s M/F/M or M/M/F or Vamp/F/multi-penised alien, they sell and they sell well.

In the tiny little chum bucket the muse keeps for story ideas she’s not allowed to touch while already juggling multiple projects, a story idea was born which essentially was two couples finding love together. All together. In many different … Read More »

Normally normal

Yes, I’m cheating. Real life, impending camping trip, more real life and Roadtrip are kicking my ass. So, I’m cheating. Which, according to this, is probably normal. :)

You Are 60% Normal

(Really Normal)

Otherwise known as the normal amount of normal

You’re like most people most of the time

But you’ve got those quirks that make you endearing

You’re unique, yes… but not frighteningly so!

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