Shannon Stacey

Monday morning…

and I can’t think of a damn thing to say. :coffee:

The short kid seems to have bounced back to his normal, dramatic self. The taxes, both business and personal, are done and shipped. Perhaps—just maybe—I’ll be allowed a moment to myself this week. (I’m blocking out any awareness of just how trashed my house is.)

NH lost another ATV rider yesterday. Somebody chained off a trail—which is okay, and it is mud season, after all—but either couldn’t be bothered to tie a flag to it or was some anti-ATVer who thought “Heh, I’ll show them bastards.” And they do exist—they’d be the same ones who find it amusing to string nearly-invisible fishing line. Crushed chests, paralyzation, decapitation, and death are not fair punishments for riding a 4-wheeler—even for the punks who trespass and don’t respect the trail markings.

Eeek. Anyway, back on topic. Hopefully today I get my groove back, especially since my goal is to have my vampire turned in by the beginning of Spring Break.

:coffee: :type: :coffee: :type:

UPDATE: Paralyzation? Umm…that would be paralysis.

One comment to “Monday morning…”

  1. Charlene T
      · April 18th, 2005 at 11:17 am · Link

    Is it just me, or do Vampires and Spring Break make a really funny combination? :lmao:

    Picture the teenage vampires in Lauderdale. They’re the really, really pale ones with sunblock SPF 5,000. :rofl:

    Ahem. Sorry. I think I need to go write. :type:

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