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Conversing with my heroine

Shannon: Why are you being such a :censor:?

Olivia: You didn’t tell me before I had sex with the guy that he was dead!

Shannon: I didn’t know he was dead then. And he’s not really dead now. Just undead.

Olivia: I liked it better when he was un-undead.

Shannon: Whatever. But I can’t let you go back to Boston. You’re going to :censor: live Happily Ever After even if I have to staple your ass to the page.

Olivia: … Read More »

Money Redux

Lee Goldberg mentions one of Alison’s previous posts in which she discloses her earnings for one of her Blaze novels.

I think Alison’s generosity with this information is awesome! Writing is one of those wonderfully rare careers one delves into with no true idea of what the paycheck will be, and sharing this kind of info is very beneficial.

But I’d like to take a closer look at one part of Alison’s post:

$18,191.15 from June of 2000 when I

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My column, “The Hooking Author’s Secret Bank Account,” is up at RTB this morning. Not until this morning did I realize how ‘corner of Vine and Sunset’ that sounded. Hooks. Secret Babies, and virgins and such.

J.C. Wilder is keeping an RT journal! The imagined visual of EC authors dropping condom-balloon animals on unsuspecting diners will get me through the day. I’m not seeing enough pictures yet! I know, it’s probably a pain in the ass to upload them on … Read More »

Left behind musings

To mourn being a Left Behind for the RT convention, I’ll take a look ahead to being a Left Behind for the RWA convention. After torturing myself with the recently-arrived schedule for Nationals, here are the workshops I’ll most miss not getting to attend:

It’s Not Just Sex—An Insider’s Look at Erotic Romance—Jaci Burton, Cricket Starr, and Mardi Ballou

I would give anything to be in the room to see how many ladies keel over in a dead faint when … Read More »

Aggravations abound

First one—minor, kind of—I bought a book that normally wouldn’t have blipped on my reading radar but for the hot buzz (especially because of the historical setting): Mr. Impossible by Loretta Chase. THEN I get it home, and it’s part of a freaking series, and is it the first one? No. So now I have a brand new book—I bought it at the grocery store, so I didn’t even get the Walmart discount—I won’t read. :censor:

And Sylvia’s gotta pretty … Read More »

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