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Ellora's Cave print books

The best of both worlds? This is from Raelene Gorlinsky, Managing Editor of Ellora’s Cave Publishing:

Over 150 Ellora’s Cave romantica books are now available in print! That actually encompasses more than 170 of our digital releases, as some shorter novels get combined into print anthologies. More are published each week; eventually almost all EC stories will be available in paper. The books are trade paperback size, excellent quality paper and printing. You can find a list of what’s out so far at

You can buy the books at our eBay store ( and get free shipping in the continental US, through, or at most chain bookstores (especially Borders) and many independent bookstores. In fact, any bookstore can order them for you, since they
are listed and distributed through Ingrams.

I think that’s pretty damn exciting!

4 comments to “Ellora's Cave print books”

  1. Maili
      · March 11th, 2005 at 8:59 pm · Link

    Great, but those prices? Ow. I think that’s the biggest barrier to giving these a try, especially when you consider that there aren’t many trustworthy reviews around. I can’t purchase any ebooks online because of the Paypal issue. A pity, really.

  2. Nicole
      · March 11th, 2005 at 11:42 pm · Link

    That sucks about the paypal issue, Màili. I have a bunch of EC paperbacks, but I confess many of them are from author contests. If I like the author after I’ve read the paperback, I tend to buy them in ebook form, not print. It’s just expensive. I think they get more money that way anyways. I do buy some of the anthos and quickie collections that are put in print, like Primal Heat and Manaconda. I think those were like only 10.99 each.

    They also seem to be putting books out in print much sooner after the ebook release than they once did.

  3. Shannon
      · March 12th, 2005 at 12:16 am · Link

    Oh, I’d love to see EC in mass market. :grin: But I think they’re pretty competitively priced with other trade paperbacks.

    (Which I have to save for, or use Christmas gift cards for *ggg*)

    But, for me, it’s probably a little about holding a book I wrote in my hands. And I do have friends and family who don’t do ebooks, so at least if they’re willing to splurge, they can read it.

    (Maybe not family. Definitely not my parents. :oops: My dad’s already asked when he can read it. Umm…never? He says “I’m a grown-up.” Yeah, but I’m your daughter. You don’t want to go there. *g*)

  4. Jaci
      · March 12th, 2005 at 4:22 pm · Link

    mmmmmm paper. I cry every time I get one of my books in print. I’m pathetic. I love EC because there ARE damn fine sales to be had in ebook form…damn fine. But there’s just something about seeing my babies on the bookshelf at Borders that makes me want to pee in my pants and then fall down on the floor and sob.

    I try not to do that in Borders though. They frown on that and I want to be able to go back in and visit my books from time to time *g*

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