Shannon Stacey

Dude, where's my bonbons?

Ah, the glorious life of a writer.

The children went back to school today. YAY! Since we don’t ski, we’d much rather give up Winter Break and get out a week earlier in summer, but much like the government, the NFL, and the FIA, nobody’s called to ask my opinion. The husband just called to see how I enjoyed my two hours alone. Well, I went to the bank, to Walmart, to Ben Franklin, back to Walmart, the grocery store, and picked up the short kid. Oh boy! Enjoyed the hell out of it.

And now, after a tragic incident involving a staple remover–those little demon Jaws things–I’m typing gingerly and swearing a lot.

Still tying to retrain the muse over here. I know that diversity at EC is embraced, and writing a broad spectrum of stories will attract different readers. But I’m so Harlequin/Silhouette-trained that the muse is trying to focus on writing a follow-up romantic comedy. Three times I’ve caught my brooding vampire popping out snappy one-liners. Dammit. I think MJD’s pretty much got the comedic vampire market covered. Maybe I need to get my hands on some good funeral dirge soundtracks.

In other news, I used a signature line on Sylvia’s message board, and seeing it there made me choke up. Whether with happy tears or panicked hyperventilation, I couldn’t say. (Y’all knew that EC editor Briana St. James is visiting over there, right?)

Luckily, the pain from my staple-remover bite’s going to bring the incessant rambling to a close.

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