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My latest procrastination destination


Not only was it cool finding my house, but it could be a handy writer’s tool. Keeping in mind that the majority of the shots were taken ten years ago, it can still give you an idea of the topography of any location.

:shrug: I had fun with it.… Read More »

Good books and gratitude

I’m loving my TBR pile today. :smile: I’m reading Karen Templeton’s latest, Swept Away. (The cover’s over there –in my sidebar.) In my PDA, I have Sasha’s Gypsy Heart. Today at the grocery store I nabbed Suzanne’s Cole Dempsey’s Back in Town, and Least Likely Wedding? by Patricia McLinn.

Reading Karen’s book, and buying Pat’s book are definitely highlights of my week. Not only are they absolute favorite writers of mine—both of them craft a story … Read More »

I wanna be like Alison


No, but really. You know my shoutbox has reappeared and disappeared and stuff. Because it kept site stats (built in), it was very slow loading, and I didn’t like the looks. Well, then I saw Alison’s new shoutbox, and hers loaded instantly and had good smilies.

So I changed mine. I know. I’m a copycat. Good thing I’m not in her critique group, huh? :rofl:… Read More »

Damn, that's one ugly baby

I’m quickly becoming accustomed to hearing that I write porn (although I’ve usually had at least one coffee before it comes up). I knew that some people held that misconception before I even sent that manuscript in, so it usually doesn’t bother me. This isn’t a ‘defend my book and chosen genre’ post, because if I start defending it every time I hear the word porn, I’ll spend so much time doing it I’ll be an activist instead of a … Read More »

Okay then.

Since my experimental foray into The Serious, Grown-up Author Type turned into a conversational train wreck, we now return to our regularly scheduled programming of Shannon Who? You mean the nut job over there? :neener:

For some reason, Amazing Race is on for two hours tonight. So I’m going to sit and watch my favorite show, drool over Boston Rob, and reread some of the funnier scenes from Roadtrip. Them I’m going to edit a hot love scene into a … Read More »

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