Shannon Stacey

Chattering doubt monkeys

Oh, those lovely monkeys are really screwing with the muse tonight. For a variety of reasons, I’m going to take a shot at expanding the word count on Roadtrip. But I can’t read the damn thing!

Every time I look at the words on the page I get a little panic mini-attack. OMG. People are going to read this! For some reason, that knowledge makes every word look like total crap.

Now, I love this book. It’s probably the closest I’ve come to a Book of the Heart. No matter how many times I’ve read it, there are parts that make me laugh out loud. It’s funny, and on a logical level, I know it’s funny. But right now those parts just look stupid.

I know, I know. It’s a monkey thing. And it will pass because I’m diving into Mission: WC Expansion first thing in the morning. I guess I thought that selling a book would muzzle at least one or two of the banana-sucking monsters.

5 comments to “Chattering doubt monkeys”

  1. Sasha
      · February 23rd, 2005 at 3:10 am · Link

    If you find out what DOES muzzle them..please let me know. ;)

  2. AngieW
      · February 23rd, 2005 at 10:42 am · Link

    Dammit Shan, I’m sure it’s brilliant. Stop beating yourself up, make your revisions and get the darn thing published already! I’m waitingggggggg…..

  3. Jill
      · February 23rd, 2005 at 7:26 pm · Link

    I’ve written for years. I still can’t shake the monsters!

  4. Jaci
      · February 23rd, 2005 at 7:51 pm · Link

    They never go away. Ever. But you can learn to live with them as long as you don’t let them freeze your muse up. Just write. It’ll all be fine. You have an editor who will help you. It’s all good. Relax.

    But what about those vamps? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm? ;-)

  5. Shannon
      · February 23rd, 2005 at 10:15 pm · Link

    I was really hoping y’all would say “Don’t worry, Shan! They’ll go away with book 2.” *g*


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