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Rating books

Ratings on books (see Jordan taking about the March RWR article by agent Ethan Ellenberg) is an issue I’m still on the fence about. When it comes to movies and video games, I’m a parent–I’m all for them. But for romance novels? Unless they’re marked YA, they’re for grown-ups, right?

And isn’t it one more division in a genre growing more divided by the day? One more classification a reader can apply to “I only read…”

Then again, as pointed … Read More »

Lesson for the day

Don’t try to have intelligent conversation on other people’s blogs when overtired and writing a horrendously torturous blurb.

Question for the Magic 8 Ball: Will this blurb make anybody want to read my book?

Answer: NO!

(It even used all caps. Nice.)

The good news is I finally got my March RWR, and I realized I get to send my First Sale info in! *snoopy dance* Of course, now I have to figure a timeline for how long I’ve been … Read More »

Left behind

This is where my hubby went atv-ing Saturday. Without me. :cry:


Everybody seems to have their March RWR’s but me, too. :xRead More »

Dude, where's my blurb?

I’ll never complain about writing a synopsis again. (Well, I might, but I’ll edit this out of the archives first.)

I’ve been working on the blurb for Twice Upon A Roadtrip. The teaser paragraphs, or whatever they’re called. I thought it would be easy, because I’ve written my share of synopses, after all. *insert Vincent Price laugh-track here*

My mistake was not realizing the huge difference in the two, and how much fun the monkeys could have with it. … Read More »

Sunday misc.

My entry’s up at Romancing The Blog.

And I’m swearing like mad at IE over here. I hear that not only is the comment box running away, but the links don’t line up right and disappear and reappear when scrolling (sounds like the IE Peekaboo bug, darnit), but even worse, half my bio is hiding under the menu. Since it looks okay on my IE, this should be fun to fix. Yipee-kay-ay. :cry: Maybe I should just make the bio a … Read More »

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