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Write what you know? Sure…

Yeah, I spent most of the day fiddling with a male masturbation scene. In his POV. *groan*

Like I have ANY idea. It seems like most scenes of that nature I see are in the heroine’s POV. You get the visual without having to delve too deep into the pre-orgasm male psyche. But that won’t work because she’s in the next room. *sigh*

The bare bones scene was done a long time ago, but I need to make it more than a rub and a grunt, so I toil on, trying to get in touch with my inner masturbating masculine side. (I don’t appear to have one, and I can’t really say that I’m sorry about that.)

I’m hoping to finish THAT up tomorrow, without three boys running amok through the house. They definitely don’t help.

One comment to “Write what you know? Sure…”

  1. Shannon
      · March 3rd, 2005 at 11:41 pm · Link


    Morgan Hawke said…

    – You are a total pleasure to read! You had BETTER publish something soon, because I am DYING to read your fiction!

    When it comes to finding out more on male masturebation, have you tried asking hubby? That’s how I found out. I flopped on my BF’s bed while he was reading a long-winded fantasy and asked: “Um, I kind’a need a guy’s point of view. Can I ask you something really personal?”

    He gave me the lifted eyebrow. “How personal?”

    I winced. “Sexually personal?”

    He frowned, profoundly.

    I put up both hands. “No, this has nothing to do with gay stuff!”

    Both eyebrows went up. “Oh.” He set down the book. “Sexual huh?”

    I nodded, and took a deep breath. “Could you um, tell me how you masturbate, and what it feels like?”

    He blinked, then grinned. “You’re kidding right?”

    “Nope. I need it for a scene in my book. Oh and can you tell me what it feels like when you cum? Physically?”

    He shrugged then gave me a sly smile. “You know, this works better if I actually do it.”

    “Right now?”

    He started unzipping his jeans. “Yeah. And could you get like…naked for me? It’s a lot easier if I have something to look at.”

    …and I had my research. In fact I was able to gain more insight on that particular form of male entertainment more than once that week.

    When it comes to sex, most guys are pretty open about it. Especially if they can show off to show you.

    Morgan Hawke
    4:30 AM
    Shannon said…

    Hi Morgan! I love your blog, and spend waaaaaaay too much time reading through it. :)

    Hmmmmmmm…I hadn’t really thought about asking the husband. He has this ‘I want a shameless hussy in the bedroom, but Mrs. Cleaver during the day’ thing going on. He’s very…old-fashioned New England Yankee–but that might be generational, too, because he’s got 17 years on me. *g*

    And…I’m not sure that he’s aware of just how erotic an erotic romance I’m talking about. He doesn’t read romance at all, but he says he’ll read the first one I get published. I’m looking forward to shocking the hell out of him. ;)
    8:10 PM

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