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Time Mismanagement, Inc.

The husband says to me this morning “If you give up watching TV with me at night you’ll get an extra 2 or 3 hours.”

Now, I know my husband pretty well. I know what he really meant was “It’s okay if you write at night instead of sitting in the living room with me, staring at the TV and dissecting the shows during the commercials.” What he doesn’t get is that, after nearly eleven years, we’re barely clinging to our identity as a loving, married couple as it is. Co-parents, yes. Cohabitants, yes. Co-managers, yes. Husband and wife…getting fuzzy.

Sure, he’s in his recliner and I’m on the couch and we’re both engrossed in the idiot box, but I see this as our “deep breath” time. So he says, “watch the eight and nine o’clock shows, but write during the ten o’clock hour.”

My first thought: But CSI Miami! Without A Trace! I can’t do that!

His last words as he walked out the door to go to work: “Hey, if you wanna watch TV more than you want to be published, be my guest.”

(You CAN dent a steel door, FYI)

Well…I want to be published more than I want to be an unpaid, underappreciated home office manager, so who’s laughing now? HA!

Now I’m off to choke on my lesson for the day.

One comment to “Time Mismanagement, Inc.”

  1. Shannon
      · March 3rd, 2005 at 11:47 pm · Link


    Anonymous said…


    lol…welcome to my world *g*

    Can you write during the day at all? If you could put in a few hours during the day, you could possibly have time to watch tv at night.

    Or….what about getting an alphasmart or laptop? Then you could write while sitting in the family room with Stuit.

    Or you could email or IM me and I could beat you over the head with how much you’d rather be a writer than anything else.

    Or TIVO or tape the shows you want.



    12:24 PM
    Anonymous said…

    Oh horse shit. I don’t make suggestions on how she should allot her time between writing and any other thing. So the “welcome to my world is bull”

    1:02 PM
    Anonymous said…

    typical man…lol

    had nothing to do with you. i meant my own internal demons of ‘should i write or should i lay my butt on the couch and watch tv’

    7:27 PM
    Shannon said…

    I have an Alphie. It sits on my lap and keeps it warm while I watch TV. :)

    And I’m going to pitch you guys as a reality show to Mark Burnett. *snicker* I wish you guys lived closer. Then C could teach S how to cook while you and I sat with our Alphies on our laps and watched TV.

    Then again, since I’m a self-important, obnoxious blogger, the show would have to be about ME! *snort*
    12:07 AM
    Anonymous said…

    Hey, TSP, I know exactly what you mean. Although in the case of DH and I, I gave up on CSI and so our ‘together’ time is a couple of episodes of Star Trek or Stargate SG1 each week. As of yesterday, I moved my laptop from the dining table to the guest room, so we’re going to have to really work at actually doing something together.

    Bron (whine)

    BTW – Love your blog!!

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