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The family responds…

The husband: Almost speechless. Very proud, and lot of “I knew you’d do it.”

The short kid: “Will it be in French?” **

The tall kid: “So, you finally have a job?” Then, after some thought, “That’s cool mom, because being a published author isn’t something a lot of people get to do, and it’s a lot of hard work.” (Have I mentioned he’s my favorite son? *g*)

The stepmother-slash-best friend: Jumping up and down, screaming. “When can I read it?” Then she stops and considers (so far out of her comfort zone her hair would catch fire if she read it.) “Can I have a picture of the cover to frame?” Stops and considers. “I’ll color over any naughty parts with a Sharpie!” (This is one of the reasons I adore her–She loves and supports me even though she thinks I’m going to hell. *snicker*)

The husband’s business partner even congratulated me on the phone, but that might be because my husband called me a porn bunny. *eye roll*

**(The short kid realized that his Bob the Builder DVD gave him the option to watch it in French, and French is the new cool thing of the day)

I, on the other hand, am still speechless. *g*

One comment to “The family responds…”

  1. Shannon
      · March 4th, 2005 at 12:09 am · Link


    Mel said…

    lol at still speechless… I remember that feeling and am sooooo(I could keep going but you get the picture) excited. There’s not a more deserving person out there.

    Smooches! *lol at porn bunny*

    ~more seriously now~
    Congrats. Simply put with a serene smile and tear filled eyes. Congrats, babe.

    7:40 PM
    Sasha said…

    I love the step Mom’s support! So awesome!
    8:18 PM
    Jaci Burton said…

    porn bunny *g*

    Did I ever tell you the story of our trip to Nashville last year, and how Charlie told the guys at valet parking that his wife wrote porn?

    Gotta love that support *snicker*

    8:54 PM
    Alison said…

    The stepmomslashbestfriend is so cool! So is the sale! AWESOME!! Go porn GO!
    9:17 PM
    AngieW said…

    OMG! You mean I’ve been reading porn this whole time?? Damnit!! Jaaaccciiii…is there still room in that handbasket or did I already reserve a space?
    9:54 PM
    Frustrated Writer said…

    Congrats Shannon!! We all knew you’d sell, and soon.
    Kick those monkeys in the butt and sell another one.

    Can I have your Stepmom? Please?
    10:34 PM
    Anonymous said…

    Hey TSP! Great News!

    Mrs. H.
    11:05 PM
    Joshua said…

    Best of luck to you…….
    12:47 AM
    Anna Lucia said…

    Oh, damn, now I’m crying!

    Congratulation, love! Such truly wonderful news, and EARNED, really EARNED in blood, sweat and tears. Never forget how hard you worked for this, or that it happened during a time when you’ve been busier than ever before.

    And never forget, either, that you Do Not Suck.

    Adore your kids….
    4:56 AM
    Sela Carsen said…

    Shannon — you porn bunny AUTHOR!!!! You rock, babe. I’m so proud of you!
    7:14 AM
    Larissa said…

    Yay again!!! : )

    And don’t forget to send an update of your bio to RTB saying that YOU ARE PUBLISHED!!!! *g*
    8:34 AM
    Anonymous said…

    Love the family responses!!!

    Congrats again!


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