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Shannon Vs. Word Spellcheck

The words we’re beefing about today:

poufy–Okay, I just can’t spell. It’s pouffy. (Which doesn’t look right)
fogey–This round to me. (All rounds scored by
clotheslining–another to me
dustbunnies–according to, round to spellcheck, but I like it the way it is. Impasse.
dammit–round to me.
piddly–round to spellcheck, but I’m keeping it anyway.
undies–mine. Obviously. Stupid spellcheck.
Tauruses–round to spellcheck, but how else do you refer to more than one Ford Taurus?
recaffeinate–round to spellcheck, but this should be a word, and since my heroine’s using it and would say something like that, I’m keeping it.
Dumbass–round to spellcheck, but dumb ass just looks wrong, so we’re at an impasse.
Rubbernecker–another round for me.

Total: (technically) Spellcheck: 6 Shannon: 5
(But I’m keeping them all except poufy–which still looks right)

One comment to “Shannon Vs. Word Spellcheck”

  1. Shannon
      · March 3rd, 2005 at 11:54 pm · Link


    Anonymous said…

    Spellcheck? You USE that thing?

    Just wait until it underlines all the “bad” words with bright red squiggles.

    6:55 PM
    Anonymous said…

    I just realized that my comment could be misconstrued (screw spellcheck, that’s how it sounds) as suggesting your writing displays the misuse of such a wonderful addition to modern word processing programs.

    My comment was, indeed, admission that I’d forgotten such a beast existed. Besides, it makes my ms’s all pretty when they come back with LOTS of red marks. :P

    ~Mel, who’s shutting up cuz she’s obviously not equipped with braincell today…
    6:57 PM
    Shannon said…


    Considering you’ve been one of my most constant supporters for several years now, I’m not too likely to misconstrue what you said as “Wow, you suck, Shan!” *g*

    And it would drive me mad to have it on all the time. I only use it once or twice, looking for words like…poufy. :)
    8:15 PM
    Jaye said…

    hahahaa. I do this too– double-check on Spellcheck. Get’s even more tricker because of the differences in Canadian vs American spellings.
    11:37 PM
    Shannon said…

    So do they have a Canadian version of Word, or do you have to use the same one as the Americans and just fight out every word? That doesn’t sound like fun. I would think they could make an add-on that would add Canadian spelling differences to the dictionary.

    Of course, Spellcheck is just one more incarnation of whatever possessed the pea-soup girl in The Exorcist, so I doubt it would matter.

    And I don’t even dare turn on the grammar check. Therein lies madness.
    8:21 AM
    Jaye said…

    They do make a Canadian version, but we Cannucks have been infected by your blasted Americanisms. gg. So there’s the matter of consistency. Do I use all Canadian/British spelling or all American. My books so far take place in Canada, but I’m subbing to American publishers. :-P

    Excuse me now while I go tear my hair out…
    9:49 AM

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