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Plodding through plotting

So, there are my two methods. (The pictures, of course.)

I’m trying very hard to use the plotting board. My version is a scaled-down version due to space limitations, using sticky flags instead of sticky notes. And I just keep moving those puppies around…and around and around and around.

The sketchbook method came from a friend of mine. She said she used a sketchbook, so I thought at this point I’ll try anything. There’s a good chance hers is very neat and flow-charty, but this is what’s been working for me lately.

My new plan is to use the sketchpad for big, brainstorming stuff, and then, from that, list scenes I need to illustrate the stuff on the sketchpad onto sticky flags, then try to organize them on the board.

I think there might be a Mike’s Hard Lemonade in the back of the fridge left there by company two years ago or so. If I drink it with a straw, it might be enough to make me not care that I have two green flags, one pink flag, and one yellow flag in the first chapter. That means something.

I’m almost sure of it

One comment to “Plodding through plotting”

  1. Shannon
      · March 4th, 2005 at 12:01 am · Link


    Jaci Burton said…

    ummmm…..errr…..that stuff looks scary *g*

    Best advice I can give…do what WORKS for you and don’t get bogged down in the details and how-tos’.

    I write a messy, ugly-as-hell plotting synopsis before I write the book….peppered with lots of ‘annnnnnnnnnnnnnnd dennnnnnnnnnnnnnn’s’ *snicker*

    I use it as a guideline, but the characters invariably end up careening off in another direction. I’ve learned that it’s best to let them tell their story. They know it better than I do anyway.

    But seriously…just find something that works for you and isn’t so complex you need to be a Mensa member to figure it out. Then just write the damn story and don’t overthink it *g*

    12:04 PM
    Anna Lucia said…

    Now I know why at times I’m convinced I’m going insane. And why when I get OUT of a book, it takes so long to get back IN to it.

    I try and keep all that stuff (and I mean ALL of it) in my head.

    I MUST be insane to even try….

    12:11 PM
    Breezy said…

    As Jaci said, find what works for you. I know a lot of authors have success with a tabbed notebook, using each section for a character or a major plot arc.

    Above all, just write. The rest will fall into place at some point!
    9:19 AM
    Shannon said…

    Since the cat ran off with the hero’s reaction to the heroine’s resistance to him, the husband used a major plot point to jot down a number, and I found the secondary character’s black moment marking a page in the tall kid’s book, I’m thinking the sticky flags aren’t going to work.

    I can can threated the boys of the house, but the cats just don’t listen.

    The notebook idea sounds intriguing. I think for me it’s a matter of patience, though. With the sketchpad I can scribble as fast as the ideas form and merge. With paper, spreadsheets, etc, I feel a need to be neat.

    But I could put what I’ve scribbled into an organized notebook. Hmmmmmmmmm……
    10:44 AM

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