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Cue the crescendo

Another snow day–kind of. The weather kept me from my chapter meeting. And it’s really making my Christmas shopping a pain in the butt.

Yes…Christmas shopping. I’m STILL not done! We’re getting together with the inlaws tomorrow, and because of that pesky flu thing, I was shopping on an as-needed basis. Now they’re needed. But for now, I’m writing.

I HATE the IloveyouIloveyoutoo scene. You know, the one at the very end of the book where the hero and heroine confess their love for each other. No matter how hard I try to make them different and really emotional, I can still hear that hideous music playing while my characters run toward each other in a daisy-infested field. The IloveyouIloveyoutoo scene is the single hardest scene for me to write in every manuscript. I try to edit and edit and edit the corniness out, and I just seem to make it worse.

Maybe I should have them fax their declarations in, then just get together for post-declaration sex.

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  1. Shannon
      · March 3rd, 2005 at 11:45 pm · Link


    kate said…

    Can you set it in another place? Say a Nascar race, or a strip bar/Hooters or a traffic jam on an interstate? Sort of de-daisy the scene with outside influences. (Hard to be sappy with an 18-wheeler blasting its horn every few seconds.)

    Oh, and if it’s a historical, then maybe you can have them declare their love at a seedy tavern.
    4:56 PM
    kate said…


    I sent off the last of my christmas presents yesterday. (Do you suppose you’re the only person in the universe to whom I can add the message of neener neener neener when I point that out?)
    4:58 PM
    Shannon said…

    They’re in a hotel elevator. *snort*

    And I CAN’T be, thought it wouldn’t really surprise me. But I think after tomorrow, my Christmas is officially over here.

    I think.
    6:56 PM
    Anonymous said…

    I don’t know diddly squat about writing but it seems to me that if you could get your DH to jack off and tell you his thoughts while he was doing it you would have the info for that scene…even if you already finished it…it might need a fresh perspective. And shame on you for calling them the short kid and the tall kid…why don’t you just called them k1 and k2…much shorter and less typing. And why haven’t you submitted your book yet? And why are you so funny and yet you ain’t published and yes I know what store has the damn bouncing happy face…it’s those sorry no benefit, clockout but still work, squash the family store and screw women employees place called Wallyworld. And if you think the i love you scene is corny..then just have them live together till someone from that Cheaters show catches one of them screwing around ;P

    Charlie…trying to be helpful
    6:24 PM
    Shannon said…

    OMG, you are too much. *g* In order…

    You know more about writing than half the writers I know. And I know you do because you live with Jaci. Lucky lady. Still working up the courage to ask hubby about that whole masturbation thing. Too bad neither of us really drinks. Everybody calls their kids k1 and k2. I may never have an original thought, but my kids are…different–and one’s very tall for his age and one’s very short. They’re like Laurel and Hardy, only younger and smarter. I haven’t submitted my book yet because we were sick and had holidays and snow days and I have rejection howler monkeys screaming in my head, and I decided not to submit the first 3 and the last chapter until the whole thing was done so I wouldn’t have yet another panic moment. And I don’t think I’m funny, I think I’m dorky, and the tall child agrees, and I’m not published yet because I haven’t had the right book hit the right editor at the right time. Or maybe I suck. And our local Wallyworld screwed over the widow and child of one of their employees, and they didn’t like the consequences. Hate them, but they closed all of our small-town, family businesses. And Cheaters, like Blind Date, is one of my “I can’t believe I’m watching this but I can’t make myself turn it off” shows.

    *deeeeeeeeep breath*

    *g* And shouldn’t YOU be writing, too? ;)
    10:31 PM
    Anonymous said…

    Ya know I had this whole diatribe about rejection and encouragement and stupid blog didn’t post it. (surely it couldn’t have been user error *g*)

    The gist of it was…we all fear rejection, now matter how many books we publish or submit. Get over it. If your book is half as good as this blog, it’s a done deal, babe. You kill me.

    Love you ;)

    11:19 PM
    kate said…

    elevator? easy enough — going back to the scenery — make one of them aware of the Tom Jones muzak in the background and hum along with “It’s not Unusual” until the other one clubs him or her. Or maybe have the hero’s eyes focus now and then on ESPN which is on the elevator television. (I loathe elevator televisions but they seem to be gaining in popularity)

    Huh. . . I think Charlie’s ideas are far more creative.
    9:51 AM
    Larissa said…

    Gah! I hate writing the sappy “I love you” crap at the end! *g* I try to do what Kate does, though–place the scene somewhere that isn’t all bunnies and flowers and dippy 70’s songs. It helps. An elevator sounds good! LOL
    9:52 AM

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