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TV round-up in lieu of actual content

I have Sudafed-brain today, so I’m just going to babble about television. I love TV. Sometimes I remind myself I could get a lot more writing done if I didn’t watch television at night, but then I laugh at myself. No TV? Seriously? So what am I watching?

Amazing Race: This is still our favorite show, hands down. I don’t strongly dislike anybody yet this season, but my early favorites are the cowboys, Jet and Cord. If I had … Read More »

This morning’s adventure in chicken feet

If you’ve known me a while, you know that while I’m afraid of everything from potato peelers to moving a sleeping cat, my one true deep, dark phobia is chicken feet. Not chickens. Just the feet.

This morning, after dropping the Short Kid off at school early for his Student Council meeting, I popped into the grocery store to rummage up something for supper tonight. I didn’t bother with a cart, just went straight to the meat department to see … Read More »

Monday with a side of catch-up

After five days, I’m finally alone again. We’re all healthy (*knocks wood*) and everybody’s where they’re supposed to be today, which is not breathing my air.

I owe email responses and some other things. Working on them, promise.

Also still working on that damn synopsis. I find synopses for straight-up contemporary romances difficult to write. While the romance and suspense intertwine in a romantic suspense, I find the big external plot points give me a framework on which to hang … Read More »

A brief hiatus

I have a pretty sick 9-year-old and a proposal I have to finish, along with a few other writing-related matters, so I’ll be scarce for a couple of days. I have contest winners to draw and email to answer, but they’re going to have to wait until my little guy’s back on his feet. … Read More »

I’ve been benched

I guess I’ll be taking the weekend off. Though I didn’t do a damn thing to it, I have some kind of agonizing pain in the outside of my right wrist and lower hand. It started last night and just keeps getting worse.

I can’t hold a pen. The Schwans guy came & writing a check almost made me thow up. I can’t type. (Drafting this with my left thumb on the iPod.) Had to go to the post office … Read More »

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