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#listifylife – Words I Always Spell Wrong

List of words I spell wrong, written in text below

SAHNNON – Yes, my name. But only when typing.

RECEIVE – I before E, except after C, and a gazillion other exceptions.

TOUSLED – I spell it touseled, every time.

COLOR, HONOR, etc – Spending my formative spelling years in England gave my words more FLAVOUR.

Find out more about the ListifyLife challenge atĀ Roni’s site.… Read More »

#1linewed – Beware the molten marshmallow

Ridiculously attractive couple sitting on the ground and smiling at a blazing campfire

“That was the most demented display of s’mores making I’ve ever seen,” she hissed, resisting the urge to kick him in the shin.

FromĀ Exclusively YoursRead More »

#listifylife – Little Things That Make Me Happy

List of things that make me happy, written out below in text

Hearing my sons laugh together.

Dancing in the kitchen.

Writing a sentence that makes me laugh.

Splashing through mud puddles in my RZR.


Text messages from friends.


What little things make YOU happy?… Read More »

#tbt – Cake!

For Throwback Thursday, a picture of that one time I made a wedding shower cake.

A pyramid of Little Debbie Zebra Cakes topped by a bride and groom riding a ceramic ATVRead More »

#1linewed – Defending Hearts

"Gretchen, you need to let a guy open your pickle jar once in a while."

Not a euphemism…or is it?

Defending HeartsRead More »

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