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The Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus

I think everybody who uses the iPad for work has been waiting for the One Stylus To Rule Them All. Or, really, just a stylus that doesn’t make it feel as if you’re writing with an undercooked sausage. I preordered the Jot Script Evernote Edition Stylus with its Pixelpoint (TM) technology so fast my credit card burned rubber. I considered it a bonus that Evernote is already my go-to app for everything.

Anticipation kicked into high gear when I got … Read More »

Survivor + Catalyst Waterproof iPhone case

Waterproof case Recent activities included a trip to the ocean with a bunch of kids and some four-wheeling. My phone spends most of its life in the Speck SmartFlex Card case, but gets moved into the Otterbox Defender when it needs a little more protection.

But sometimes I want a waterproof case*. Bought the Otterbox Armor because, hello, Otterbox. I didn’t like the way it closed and it’s ridiculously bulky. Next up, the Incipio Atlas. The plastic feels cheap, but … Read More »

The power of IM-duh-BAH

IMDb icon If you were to gather my family’s computers and gadgets all in one place and poke through them, I have no doubt that the app used the most, collectively, would be the IMDb app. When you’re watching a show and somebody says, “Hey, it’s that guy—you know, the guy who was in that show with the woman who was in Seinfeld“, or whatever, you can go to the show and follow the breadcrumbs back to that guy. Release … Read More »

The iBug that wasn’t

Lately I’ve been very annoyed by the fact my iPhone kept taking it upon itself to turn the ringer volume down at random times. Every couple of days I’d miss a text or call because the ringer volume was all the way down and, unlike crappy battery life, Google couldn’t seem to unearth anybody whining about the same issue.

Then, the other day, I hit the button to put it to sleep and saw a quick flash of the ringer … Read More »

iPod Down

The Short Kid thought having a passcode requirement for his iPod Touch was cool. Then he decided changing it all the time would be even more cool. Until he forgot the passcode and locked himself out of his iPod.

iPod is disabled – connect to iTunes

Restoring it’s been a nightmare. It put iOS6 on it, which I hadn’t intended to do. And every time I try to sync it, it insists on putting every app and song we … Read More »

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