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Thank you!

From my son to everybody who supported his music teacher. Thank you and HE WON!

Cute kid holding a thank you signRead More »

The not-so-Short Kid

Back in 2005, when I started blogging, I christened my boys the Tall Kid and the Short Kid. Twitter, with its character limit, rechristened them TK and SK. There are five and a half years between them and, at the time, my oldest was rather tall for his age and my youngest was very short for his age. The height difference was funny and very pronounced when they were side-by-side.

Well, now it’s 2013 and the Short Kid’s ready to … Read More »

My boys

My first blog post was on January 1, 2005, when the Tall Kid was nine and a half and the Short Kid had just turned four at the end of November. I wanted to a grab a picture from the blog archives but, somewhere during the evolution of blog technology, things changed and the early pictures are all broken boxes. But here’s what my boys looked like when long-time blog readers met them:

Young boys in matching cream sweaters

Suddenly, in the blink of an eye, … Read More »

One down, one to go

Teen in cap & gown with diploma

That’s the teen sis, who graduated a week before the teen, not getting a moment in the spotlight.… Read More »

So…dogs, anybody?

I’m in the deadline cave and I spent most of the weekend with a zombie headache. Every time I thought it was dead, it roared back to life. So here’s a picture of my dogs. :lol: They were tussling and I snapped my fingers. Mini’s on alert and Taz is pretending he’s going to be quiet, but he’s watching for an opening.

Dogs pretending to rest

As soon as I turned my attention back to the computer, they were at it again.… Read More »

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